Islamiat Class 9 Notes New Syllabus for FBise

Islamiat Class 9 Notes New Syllabus for FBise

Islamiat class 9 notes –  Find Islamic information and resources. Then you are in the right place. Our website provides Islamic tips for Class 9 in Urdu and other languages ​​(tips, basics, exercises, study material, and much more). We assure you that all materials on our website are produced mainly on the basis of paper samples and samples. By exploring different materials, they understand and remember things easily

Details about Islamiat class 9 notes

Let’s talk about the Islamic curriculum for class 9. We have Surah, Surah Anfal, and Hadith. We offer you the following:

Ashbaak (Chapter): Short Questions (Mukhtasar Sawalaat), Long Questions (Tafseeli Jawabaat), MCQ

Hadith: Translation (Tarjuma), Translation (Mafhoom & Teshrieh) and MCQ (Maroozi)

Surah Anfal: Translation (meaning Tarjum and Urdu), Short Questions (Mukhtasar Sawalaat), and MCQ.

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Free download of Islamiat class 9 notes in the following chapters: Questions and answers, Hadith Tashrih, Translation of Surah Al Anfal, and things to use. Don’t limit yourself to these tips; share them with friends and loved ones.

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Surah Al Anfaal – Overview

Al Anfaal – 1-10

Surah Al Anfaal – 11-19

Al Anfaal – 20-28

Surah Al Anfaal – 29-37

Al Anfaal – 38-44

Surah Al Anfaal – 45-48

Al Anfaal – 49-58

Surah Al Anfaal – 59-64

Al Anfaal – 65-69

Surah Al Anfaal – 70-75

Ahadees – 1-10

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