Operating System IT Series Book PDF Download Free

Operating System IT Series Book PDF Download Free

Free operating systems and online downloads for computer science students. This book covers the structure and functions of operating systems and networks.

Its purpose is to present the nature, characteristics, and operation of modern operating systems as clearly and completely as possible.

Operating System IT Series Book PDF Download Free

This book is very useful for students who are taking OS courses in MS-CS, MCS, BS-CS, BS-IT, and BA/B.Sc in different universities and colleges.

There are thirteen chapters in the book. Each chapter begins with a chapter summary and ends with a series of review questions for students to answer.


The book also contains many figures and tables that explain the operating systems and network concepts.

This book also contains several chapters related to Windows 2000 Professional. The chapters impart basic and practical knowledge on the respective topic.

It also includes objective questions and answers. These questions are specially prepared for the exam and will help students get high scores.

This book is published by IT Series Publications and written by Tariq Mahmood and Imran Saeed.

Operating System IT Series Book PDF

NOS stands for “Operating System” and is pronounced “N-O-S”. The system manages the devices connected to the system.

Examples include shared rosters, shared schedules, and contribution options. A NOS can be a distributed operating system (P2P) running on any client or server computer, with one computer being the server and the other being the client running the software.

Distributed systems include legacy operating systems such as AppleShare and Windows for Workgroups. These systems provided unique systems management features not available in older versions of the Macintosh and Windows operating systems.

They made it possible for computers to communicate with each other and create documents through a machine-to-machine interface. Over time, these key system control points were harmonized into standardized systems, making P2P NOS obsolete.

Client servers provide desktop environments such as Novell NetWare and Windows Server. They do not provide IT management for computers. Novell NetWare requires special client software on each client computer, while Windows Server works with standard Windows computers.

Operating System IT Series Book Download

In both cases, clients connect to the servers and access the databases and applications to take advantage of the underlying benefits. The target server monitors all connected computers and can update client frames as expected. This makes it easy to keep all computers in the system in a-la-mode.

Although client-server NOSs have been around for years, they are showing their age. Today’s workplaces have a high level of organizational capacity, reducing the need for workplace organization.

In addition, many organizations now use intranets to provide Internet access to all nearby frameworks. Instead of ordering special projects

Each client, clients can access web applications from the local system or from the Internet.

ATTENTION! An operating system can also refer to an operating system that runs on a system device, such as a switch or firewall.


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