single national curriculum books pdf download 2022

single national curriculum books pdf download 2022

You can download the single national curriculum Program PDF books for free from our website. The Government of Pakistan has developed a single national curriculum books pdf download 2022 for schools. All public and private schools follow this new curriculum as a guideline in their schools.

Private schools get government approval before choosing specific textbooks for their students and can only use government-recommended textbooks. In contrast, the religious madrassa also follows the same syllabus and books.


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In this regard, the Government of Punjab has started single national curriculum training for all public and private teachers belonging to different castes in Punjab. The government of Punjab in partnership with Microsoft provides training on Microsoft teams. To do this, a detailed database was created and each manager, including the captain, was assigned a selected ID and username to link the training sessions of the World Cup teams. Teachers are divided into three groups based on the concept of the subject they teach (Arts, General Studies, and Science). Download the free PDF version of the single national curriculum Books here.

 Single National Curriculum Books pdf download 2020

You can consider the following:

According to the PCTB Guide of the single national curriculum (SNC) -2020, I.-V. Textbooks cannot be downloaded as e-books. The single national curriculum (SNC) 2020 textbooks are pilot publications that will be finalized after consultation and feedback from all stakeholders.

Only blankets are available for an extra charge.

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Three days of training take place in Microsoft Teams, followed by three days of the Learning Management System (LMS program), which you can download from the Play Store. The app offers a variety of activities for each subject. After completing the activity, teachers receive a certificate as a sign of their learning.

If you are interested in the national curriculum of your chosen subject, click on the links below.

Title Covers of TextbooksTitle Covers of Jackets


Single National Curriculum Books PDF Download 2022 Here

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