11th Class Chemistry PDF Book Punjab Board free Download

11th Class Chemistry PDF Book Punjab Board free Download

11th Class Chemistry PDF Book – Chemistry book for class 11 free download. This book is adapted from Textbook and Textbook of Punjab, Lahore and published by Zareena Shahab Printers, Lahore.

They are the authors of the book.

  • Teacher. Dr. or Muhammad
  • Teacher. Dr. Shams-ul-Haq Qureshi
  • Professor Choudhry Sana Ullah
  • Professor Dr. Mohamed Lateef Khan
  • Teacher. Dr. Abid Zia
  • Professor Dr. Akbar Hussein

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11th Class Chemistry PDF Book

Chemistry is an important part of your daily life. Everyday chemicals in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the cleaning products you use, your thoughts, and everything you see or touch.

Here are 10 examples from chemistry. Some random chemistries will be obvious, while others will surprise you.

human body parts
Its system consists of compounds that can be combined between elements. Although you probably know that your body is made up of water made up of hydrogen and oxygen, how else can you call the thing that makes you what you are?

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11th Class Chemistry PDF Book

The emotions you feel are the final messengers, essentially neurotransmitters. Love, jealousy, envy, romance, and infidelity are all chemistry percentages.

How do sunscreens work?

Sunscreens combine organic and inorganic chemicals to filter the sun’s rays so that fewer of them reach the skin’s surface. Residues from sunlight often contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

Does an electric stove cook food quickly?

The oven has a wide lid that completely closes the oven. When the water gets hot, it boils and the steam cannot circulate, so it stays inside and begins to build up and build pressure.


The vegetables are colorful.

Many fruits and vegetables are colored because they contain a type of chemical called carotenoids. These compounds contain a region called the chromosphere which absorbs and emits specific wavelengths of light, creating the colors we see.


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