Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year

Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year

Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year – FSC Intermediate Second Year Chemistry Part 2 Free Download This book was written by Punjab Textbook and Textbook, Lahore and published by Zeeshan Book Center, Lahore.

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They are the authors of the book.

  • Doctor. Author: Jamal Anwar
  • Doctor. By: Imtiaz Ahmed
  • Doctor. Author: Shaukat Ali
  • Syed Ghulam Akbar
  • Doctor. Mr. Akram Kashmir
  • Chapter and Karam Elahi
  • Emperor Nasreen’s Batool
  • By Tariq Ahmad Nyazi
  • Nazir Ahmed Chughtai
  • Zafar Mehdi Zafar
  • Author: Saad All Khan
  • Javed Iqbal Lodi
  • Naseem Asghar Ginai
  • In love. Muhammad Shoaib Jehangir
  • In love. By: Iftikhar Ahmad

Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year

We are all made of synthetic chemicals that surround us everywhere. The senses of perception, sight, smell, taste and taste are related to medicine and chemistry (period). Hearing, seeing, tasting and touching influence our body’s reactions and interactions.

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Some of the environmental changes the world is going through are caused by chemicals. Medicine is not always glass and only laboratory. It’s all around us, and the more we know about medicine, the more we know about our world. Medicine exists in all aspects of life and there are many examples.

Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year

Everything is made up of chemical compounds. You are made of chemicals. your dog too. your office too. Even day. Pills are chemical compounds. Food consists of chemical compounds. Examples include changing the hue of leaves, cooking, and using pots.

A basic understanding of chemistry is necessary to understand the effects of chemical compounds on the environment.

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Chemistry Part 2 for FSC 2nd Year

Chemistry is a joke!


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