How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work Permit in 2023

How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work Permit in 2023

Canadian immigrants will be able to exchange Canada Visitor Visa into Work permits in 2023. They do not need to leave the country to obtain a Canadian work permit. Foreign nationals in Canada on tourist visas can find work on their own, but those who find legal employment must still apply for a work permit. I think it is also a good choice for future visitors.

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This temporary visitor policy became an option for Canadian employers due to labor shortages during the economic expansion. This is why Canada needs more foreign workers. In 2025, 500,000 immigrants are expected to arrive. Tourist visas can be issued to Canada until February 28, 2025. Additional information is subject to change. Canadian tourist visas for employment 2023 are listed below.

How to Convert Canada Visitor Visa into Work 2023?

Step 1: Find a job (if you are in Canada on a tourist visa)

You are in Canada on a visitor visa and you want to stay in Canada, but you need to find a job. Apply for a job in Canada.
There are many online jobs available in Canada and jobs in Canada, business news and job boards.
I highly recommend contacting Canadian Employment Agencies Abroad (2023)

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Step 2 – Get the LMIA (business intelligence assessment) approved.

Make sure to get permission from the employer or LMIA. Authorized LMIAs are those authorized to employ foreign workers. A list of LMIA approved employers in Canada has been published.

Step 3: Apply for a work permit

Now the difficulty is over, he has a job and a job.

Step 4: Apply for a work permit online

You can apply for a work permit on the CIC Canada website.


The next section is for those who do not have a Canadian immigrant visa.

How to Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa (TRV)

People who are looking for work in Canada but cannot find a job or cannot obtain a work permit. The easiest way to apply for a tourist visa.

The first step in converting a tourist visa to a Canadian work permit is to become a Canadian visitor.

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Visitor visa fees and requirements

  • Submit the online application and all documents.
  • You can apply at the following link:
  • refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/apply-visitor-visa.html
  • Pay the visa application fee. Visa application fee.
  • Enter your biometric details.
  • Wait for the visa decision.
  • Find a job with LMIA
  • Once you get your visa, you can fly to Canada and start looking for work in person and online.

Don’t forget to apply for LMIA approved jobs in Canada. Persons authorized by LMIA are authorized to employ foreign workers. You can also contact Canadian employment agencies when you land in Canada or contact them before you visit.